Depression glass candy dishes have been made with the aid of eighteen one-of-a-kind glass organizations. Of the maximum famous a hundred and fifty despair glass patterns, almost half have melancholy glass sweet dishes in their collection. The Paden City Glass Company and the Hocking Glass Company (later the Anchor-Hocking Glass Company) created the most – with twelve different sweet dish styles each. Other burgundy frame glasses glass agencies that produced more than one candy dish patterns had been: the Jeannette Glass Company with seven specific patterns; the Imperial Glass Company and U. S. Glass Company each made 4 patterns; and the Westmoreland Glass Company manufactured 3 one of a kind patterns.

Approximately 90 exclusive depression glass sweet dishes were made in a diffusion of patterns, shapes, and colors. Out of all of those, handiest fifteen were produced without a lid. Therefore, the majority include pieces of glass – a lid and a base. Lids were manufactured in numerous patterns, starting from flat shapes to cone shapes. The patterns for the bases differed significantly as nicely. Some bases were flat or round, many had an improved pedestal, and others have been 3-footed. Several had been made with two handles, and about a dozen were made as both a two-part dish or a three-element dish. Candy dishes have been produced in a huge variety of shapes as properly. Round or rectangular shapes have been the most commonplace, whilst octagonal, coronary heart, and cloverleaf shapes tended to be extra unusual. Although the overall rainbow of colours may be found, the most popular colorings were red, green, and crystal.

Almost 40 percent of the despair glass sweet dish patterns have numerous specific patterns inside the same pattern. Two or 3 specific patterns in keeping with pattern are the most commonplace. For instance, the Twisted Optic sample with the aid of the Imperial Glass Company has five specific candy dish patterns.

Two sweet dishes had been reproduced. The candy dish within the Princess pattern became reproduced within the colors of cobalt blue and amber, which have been shades no longer at the start produced. Although the Princess pattern become reproduced inside the hues of crimson and green, the reproduced coloration sunglasses do now not fit the original color sun shades. In addition, the high-quality of the reproduction glass changed into a great deal more hard and bubbly than the unique glass. The candy dish inside the Sharon pattern turned into additionally reproduced. There are three ways to parent a Sharon duplicate candy dish from an authentic. An unique Sharon sweet dish pedestal base is three and one-area inches throughout, even as a replica base is simplest three inches across. Next, degree the circle of glass seen on the bottom middle of the lid. An authentic ought to measure inches across, even as a reproduction will degree one-half inch across. Finally, the excellent of the reproduction glass is hard and poorly molded in comparison to an unique Sharon melancholy glass sweet dish.